What we believe

God the Father

We believe that there is only one true and living God, eternally existent in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is unchangeable in His holiness, justice, wisdom and love. He is the Almighty Creator, Saviour and Judge.

God the Son

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. We believe in His eternal Sonship, His Virgin birth, His sinless life, His substitutionary death, His bodily resurrection and ascension to Heaven. We believe that He is the only mediator between us and God the Father and that one day He will return in person, in power and glory, for His waiting people.

God the Holy Spirit

We believe in the Person of the Holy Spirit, Who is sent from the Father and the Son, Who comes to glorify Christ and to make real Christ's salvation in the life of the born-again Christian – the believer. We believe in the fruit of the Spirit, which is always seen in the life of every believer in Jesus. We believe in the gifts of the Spirit, given by God, as He determines, to each believer.

The Bible

We believe in the full and unique Holy-Spirit-inspiration of the Holy Bible as the word of God. It is the only infallible, sufficient and authoritative rule of Christian faith and practice. We love to read and study God’s word, both individually and together as a church, in which we have chosen the New International Version as our main translation. We also enjoy enrichment from some other selected bible translations and paraphrases, comparing “word for word” through to “thought for thought” approaches, as we go deeper into God’s word. We believe God speaks to us as believers, through His word, by His Holy Spirit.
God’s word is precious to us!


We believe that God is entirely good but that the human race is universally sinful and guilty. There are many terrible symptoms and consequences of sin, but in its essence, sin is a rebellion against God. It is choosing to live independently of Him and rejecting His precious son Jesus.
This makes us subject to God's righteous anger and eternal condemnation. There is absolutely nothing that we can do in ourselves to earn or deserve His forgiveness.

Knowing Jesus ("Salvation")

God loves us! We believe He sent His Son Jesus to die for us all. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross is the perfect and only sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. But only when we consciously turn away from sin and trust in Jesus, are we forgiven. By God’s grace and through faith in Jesus alone, and not by “good works” or simply trying to be a good person, we are justified in God’s eyes and made right with Him. We come to know Jesus as our personal Saviour. We are “born again”, this new life being brought about by the presence and work of God’s Holy Spirit in the human heart and soul.
Then, believer’s baptism, by full immersion in water is a wonderful, joyful testimony and a vivid picture of our new life in knowing Jesus.

Living the Life ("Holiness")

We believe that we are commanded to love God with all our being and to love one another. We are called to live the Christian life - a life of holiness – of increasing victory over sin. This victory is made possible through the power of the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, when as a believer, we surrender our lives wholeheartedly and joyfully to God’s sovereign will. We believe in the power of prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ. We want to live a life of prayer, fully surrendered to God, allowing the sanctifying work of the Spirit to set us apart, and then growing to be more Christ-like day by day. Then as we learn to increasingly trust our heavenly Father, and obey Him, we experience a deeper joy in living the life.

One True Church

We believe in the one true Church as the body of Christ, in which all believers are members and Christ is the head. The task of the Church is to glorify God, to build up believers and share the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Although we are saved by God’s grace alone, through faith, our salvation always then leads us to show the love of God in practical ways, serving others.
Then in all this, we obey the great commission of Jesus: we go and make disciples.
As part of the one true Church, in our worship, we share “Communion” as an act of remembering Christ's death, open to all believers.


We believe that the decision we make about Jesus, in this life, has eternal consequences in the next. We believe that death seals the eternal destiny of every person: there will be a bodily resurrection of unbelievers to eternal punishment in Hell and of believers to eternal life in Heaven. This ultimate eternal truth, and its stark contrast of doom versus joy, motivates us to be passionate in sharing the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with everyone we can: we want absolutely as many people as possible to be saved and know the joy of an eternal destiny in Heaven!

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